Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm practically finished with my cliche'--meaning my detox--and as a reward to myself and others who have been affected by my lack of sociality (the boyfriend in particular) we've decided that a 3-day trip to Palm Springs will be the perfect way to assimilate again--with a HEARTY and healthy dose of food, fun, sun, and beer. 
Until that fateful day next week I must subsist and make the attempt to take my mind off of future food for a couple more days. SO, with that I begin the mental pack. Thus far, I've got my Chloe Sevigny for OC bondage bathing suit and high-waisted Mary Katrantzou for H&M trousers. The latter are fitting for my ritualistic "early bird bagel, shmear, and locks" at Sherman's Deli. I tend to stare--as politely as possible--at every senior 'ladybird' over 70 dining next to me, whom--might I add--have more style in their pinky-ring finger than most 'girls' at the Ace.
Next in the bag are my minimalist Houpla Leather sandalsand my Karen Walker Sunglasses....
I'll throw in my suede carry-all from American-o Apparel for some added texture and some blue-dot
Cooperative platforms to garner crazy stares whilest paired with the Katrantzous.
 The Land Camera to document the stares with panache.

 The aforementioned bathing suit and also, some reading material... for poolside brain stimulation.
Okay now to the top of the top, top toppers. Perfect for lightweight functional coverage, my Straight to Hell jacket. I'm telling you I'm gonna love to throw this over whatever I bring to Palm Springs. Which will probably consist of some 60's feminine silky, flow-y numbers to throw on over the bathing suit, high-waisted trousers, and a long-sleeved maxi dress with a slit up to my uh... Palm Springs.  
I'll take some of those aforementioned vintage items from my new Spring Rack, and add some of my favorite antique jewels. Not pictured here, but hey, why not leave something to the imagination and also leave me something to post when I get back.

Lastly, just uploaded onto the Ipod...the new Beach House single. Perfect jam for a relaxing day by the pool with a bucket of beer...oh yeah, Beach House and a bucket of beer. The breakfast of desert champions.

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