Monday, February 20, 2012


Moving into a new house conveniently allows for overdue renovations. One of the first overhauls I focused on after moving in (and setting up places to eat and sleep) was cleaning out and exchanging clothes seasonally from my closet(s). It just so happens that my move coincided with the season most people decide on purging anyway. It's Spring Cleaning time! Ok, so I'm lucky enough to have a couple of closets in the new casita, but, I also have a rack. I LOVE having a visible closet, it allows for visual inspiration when getting dressed AND also acts as a reminder to wear pieces that I tend to forget I have (it happens, not just a myth). Before I transformed the rack, it used to have a lot of sweaters, and now, well... look at it. It's brimming with pastels, florals, peplum, sheer button-downs, camel leather shorts, light mohair sweaters (perfect for Spring nights) and my new favorite wool hat (a valentines day present from my boyfriend). I love looking at my rack in the morning (and yes, I know how that reads), it instantly motivates me to get up and wear something other than my Lulu Lemon collection (which happens to get a a lot of use when you have dance class three hrs. a day). Well, there she is, I hope this motivates you to do your own version of Spring Cleaning, or not.

A couple of visible closet tips are...
1. Homogenize your Hangers. Hangers that look the same often allow the clothes to be the star of the show and due to being the same size, they are symmetrical and allow for smooth movement across the rack. Smooooth.

2.Do not overstuff. I know overstuffing a lot of things is incredibly tempting and delicious. I am always the first person to go for the extra cheese, extra oreo, with those things overstuffing is habitually necessary. Point blank, you don't want to continue reinforcing habits that you've made an attempt to eliminate. Your closet is not an Oreo.

Merry Spring Cleaning Season!

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