Saturday, February 25, 2012


I never thought I'd love another McCartney so much.

Stella has her Mom's eye for beauty and her Dad's impenetrable cool. Familial characteristics such as these have helped make a woman whose creations are consistent, patiently edgy, body conscious, and yet, completely ahead of the curve.

Stella continued the complimentary neckline and sheer cutouts (pictured on Kate Moss and Shalom Harlow) from last Spring; but added sturdy burgundy and navy knits, lace, a peplum--that looks like it's floating on air--and a fresh marble print that could rival museum-worthy abstract paintings. With peplum pencil skirts and voluminous dresses--this is a look I can definitely get into. Plus, a handful of these pieces are very similar to mid-century vintage dress patterns and groovy 60's/70's colors that I've seen at antique/thrift stores lately. I'm foreseeing many a McCartney inspired outfit for myself and many others. I'll probably have her dad and the other three genius' on in the background for some added audible inspiration. AND yes, Ringo too.

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