Friday, September 30, 2011


This is the schedule for the last weekend of the "MONTH OF AUDIBLE INDULGENCE." I'll attempt to keep updating you's (my Jersey Shore accent) throughout the weekend. However, with the amount of sleep I'm allotted, I'm already doubting myself. BUT, I will try, and in the end-- I promise, I'll be your mirror.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Guess who's utilizing Gingham?!...That's right ladies, and probably a few gents, Raf Simons has nailed
it for Spring. The focal points? Well, other than oozing sex from every pore, the Spring collection included the familiar minimalist palette and silhouette; and futuristic injected sheer prints (including plaids and gingham), the ever popular and classic buttoned-all-the-way-up-button-down, shorts suits, ironic (and might I add strategically-styled) Picasso sweaters, and lastly, midi hems. To conclude, it seems like translucent prints and tapered trousers (sans rolled cuffs) are not going anywhere for Spring, and the girls traipsing down the runway to a remix of Serge Gainsbourg's "Love on the Beat" made it difficult to receive mixed signals about not only his Spring collection, but the expectations for Spring fertility and procreation. Go sexy-time!


Cars on dresses. Apparently, Muiccia can do no wrong--granted--I am still lusting over Miu Miu's Fall 2011 collection. 40's inspired print dresses, baseball hats and glitter shoes--it's Americana the Milanian way.


I'm gonna have to say it. After all, I am a mandated reporter. Dolce and Gabbana's Spring 2012 collection is a tad bit reminiscent of Stella McCartney's Summer 2011 "Citrus-ey" English garden-inspired collection; with Marc Jacobs flower applique dresses thrown into the mix. Whether it was divine (or contrived), Dolce and Gabbana's interpretation of the garden print is well tailored and kind of alluring. Who doesn't like eggplant and chilies on dresses and jumpers? Who doesn't like blue flower applique dresses? Well, I do--but you could answer those questions for yourself, nice.

Till next time...I see France, and I'm assuming high-waisted underpants.

**All photo's and video's via New York Magazine's Blog, The Cut.

Monday, September 26, 2011


So here I go. The forecast of future Spring fashions in London are not much different from that of what the oracles predicted in New York. It's that--or--at least the shows I was drawn to in London are aesthetically (contextually or not) similar.

Acne utilized a continuation of loafers and their tassels. Transporting the oversized tassels to not only their loafers, but to their black leather sandals as well. Loafers always remind me of my father, and of Audrey Horne. Maybe Acne was having a Lynchian love affair while designing the collection's shoes. I happen to love that while Acne did follow trend with the loafers, they tended to stick to a fall-like palette of colors including black, white, mossy greens, a rustic orange, and an all too familiar pink--all of which I'm perfectly fine with.

I really was drawn to Peter Pilotto this season. His line reminded me of Rodarte and Alexander McQueen this season, in that Pilotto seemed to utilize similarly textured fabric and prints. I love the neckline he created for each dress. That specific cut is always flattering to most any body type, as it shows off a lady's collar bone and shoulders, which rarely gain weight and tend to always be smooth and sleek--much like the silhouette of the afore-posted dresses. Full circle baby.


 Oh Christopher Kane. I have lusted and lusted after every single collection since the translucent mid-century-inspired gingham print dresses collection (I still have a serious obsession with purchasing each thrift or vintage gingham print piece I see--whether it fits or not). This season I loved the button-downs, the see-through dresses that became like those Lisa Frank sticker books filled with vinyl or puff print stickers of real life illustrations of flowers (dichotomy I know), and lastly, my favorite is the dusty pink thick satin cutout dress with the exaggerated pointy collar--now that is what I call a 70's era collar gone right. 

Till next time...I see Milan, I see France. 

**Photos and Video courtesy of New York Magazine Blog, The Cut

Friday, September 23, 2011


My favorite accessory. The man to the left, to the left.


Translation. Seeing Bon Iver immediately after James Blake was a bad move--for James Blake. I went to the Bon Iver show with expectation bias. I expected the show to be enjoyable, even really good--these days (and by these days I mean, we are living in an age where people are touting Rebecca Black as a good performer, it hurts me to even write her name) good alone is high expectations. What I didn't expect, at all, was for this show and this man, to completely blow my mind. Bon Iver was astounding, incandescent, influential, penetrating, and a word I used at the show of which I can't seem to remember, because apparently I have an emotional attachment to the memory and or show description amnesia. He quieted an enormous crowd of people. A grouping of people, one might say, that has an entire generation's worth of self-righteous opinions and enough bravado to talk during and in between sets.  No, no, no, not at this show. This crowd was silent, aside from the few obligatory I love yous and the deafening applause and opera-style screaming afterward. It was the silence that caught me off guard in the first place, and that is now I think the tell-tale sign of not only respect and admiration for the performer, but a sign that a show is going to blow your mind. If you'd like and want to understand as much as possible the experience of which I'm failing to describe...then watch these below. But do me one solid and go see Justin Vernon in person. You will not regret it, no matter what the price. His voice alone, which is even more hauntingly romantic up close and personal, is worth all the pesos, euros, and dolla bills ya'll--in the world.

BON IVER at the Shrine Auditorium on September 19, 2011

Justin Vernon is a force to be reckoned with. (Still not good enough! I'll think of the word. It'll bubble up I promise.) EDIT** I remembered the word I used at the show that seemed to encompass every feeling I had about Bon Iver at his show. It was PROLIFIC--but, now that I've looked prolific up in my handy dictionary/thesaurus, I may have misspoke when using the word prolific. Several times. Oh well, at the very least I've remembered it, and regained the synapse I might have lost if it weren't for my love of words I apparently misuse.

Afton's "Bon Iver" Outfit
Shoes--Jeffrey Campbell "Litas", Solestruck
Purse--Vintage, The Loved One

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


James Blake at the Henry Fonda Music Box on September 18, 2011
Not only is he a panty dropper...

...but he almost was the cause of a building drop. No, literally, the Music Box felt like it could have collapsed. So severely, we were mapping our exit strategy just in case. What can I say would have been great--if the arena suited your sound. Case in point, if you get a chance, see him at a smaller arena, like the Troubadour. Or just love him from afar. I still do.
James Blake - Limit To Your Love from James Blake on Vimeo.

Afton's "Wilhelm Scream" Outfit
Dress--Anzevino and Florence
Mesh Leotard--my closet
Shoes--Jeffrey Campbell, Solestruck
Velvet Purse--The Loved One 
Star Earrings and Ring--Vintage

Monday, September 19, 2011


I know I said this month was dedicated to audible indulgence, and I promise, there is MORE coming. However, this is also, first and foremost, a month dedicated to Fashion Week's around the world. SO, I've compiled a breakdown of my favorites from New York, and also noted reasoning to why they are such. Enjoy my compilation.

Yes, I am a going to jump on the bandwagon with Prabal this season. Reason? It was a well rounded collection playing on the dichotomy of being trendy and masking trendiness. Playing with and combining the big ones such as: mixing patterns, sheer, pleating, slits, short suits, iridescent metallic, feathers or faux feathers (I can rarely tell the difference from afar), florals, purple, satin and bondage; and somehow, softening the blow upon impact. I loved every single look and could not believe the perfection of the collection and it's craftsmanship. Plus, he paired the clothing with some seriously killer music by Lana Del Rey and M83. If he was attempting to channel some sort of message, I could hear him loud and clear. Over.


Why? Well, to be honest, it wasn't my favorite of their collections. However, I am consistently confounded by their ability to create pieces that remain true to their design aesthetic, (remarkable prints, flowy asymmetrical tiers, and effortlessly cool) and furthermore, continue to create with a purpose of unconcerned originality and unconventional beauty. It's not that they can do no wrong. It's called unconditional love for a reason. That and they always have the most emotive and nostalgia enducing runway music. This time it was Morrissey's "Every Day Is Like Sunday". My personal favorite.


Two words. Silhouette and Structure. I rest my case.


I love her concept. The clothing is attempting to remit a ghostly nostalgia, to convey a haunting presence inspired by the expired patients of an abandoned smallpox hospital in NY. The kicker for me was a print designed to mimic the hospital's decomposing wallpaper. Ghastly inventive.


I absolutely love everything about this collection. The minimalism, the pastel pairings/colorblocking, and the black assymetrical racerback tanks and jumpsuits. All of the looks are wearable, uncomplicated, and effortlessly gorgeous. Last but definitely not the least of my reasons for loving this collection were the pastel blue heels with the silver soles. Come on!

I am in LOVE. The interpretation of peplum, collars, transparency, pastel prints, texture mixing, matching, and the block heel peep-toe booties. I did say love, no? 
These were my favorite looks from the Preen Collection that didn't really get highlighted in the video. I shall shine a light on thee...

 Yohji Yamamoto is consistently innovative and also consistently on point. That balance alone shows his desire for reinvention and subversion. I admire him for those qualities. A person, any individual not much different from that of myself or yourself, who is not afraid to travel the path of most resistance. I always look to his designs for inspiration. His pieces are what one might wear when there is a moment of pure ease and individuality--to look as if you've just thrown something on, and yet, you convey an undeniable identity. A really cool one at that.

Yigal reminds me of a nubile Celine or Jil Sander. Minimal yet bold and classic-ly effortless. In one word, CHIC. Or six--Tilda Swinton in "I AM LOVE."

Till next time, I see London, I see France...

**Photos and Video courtesy of New York Magazine Blog, The Cut