Thursday, March 29, 2012


I rarely post 'inspiration posts' because I find them lazy and uninspired, ironically. But, as it happens, I am lazy right now, and as I perused the web pages of, I came upon these three "street style" photos of fabulously inspiring outfits. All three photo subjects are completely different from one another and yet, I am in awe of each singular piece and I find it completely plausible that each woman would don any item pictured. Is it possible that I am projecting my latent desires to own these items of apparel, or is it plausible that I am simply and objectively inspired?  The inspired part may be plausible, but objectively eyeing these objects without selfishly desiring them. Impossible.

**Street Style Photos via

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The Toys of Lord Fletcher's Inn from Phil Donohue on Vimeo.
James caught off guard by the girth of the John Hancock.
PD showing how it's done.
The cinematically beautiful Jess.
The Cadillac of Margaritas
The Beatles!
The transportation.

We started our night--like any Palm Springs native would, you know run-of-the-mill natives like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin--at Lord Fletcher's Inn. It's succinctly what everybody says it is--iconic, kitschy, loud, and quiet, dark and light--all synonymously. There wasn't anyone at Lord Fletcher's that could match us in age (which I particularly air towards), but they could match our vigor, our stories, tell us their jokes and show us their toys. Sir Andrew, the second man to "man the bar" since the Inn opened it's doors in 1966, started our night off with four Cadillac Margaritas, his specialty, of course, and proceeded to show us the toys. Yes toys, and there were plenty. 

**To see more of our "Palm Springs 'PD' Itinerary" from a different lens click HERE.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Roll with this one. It's designed with a crescendo. Can you tell me where it hits? This might be a trick question...

JULIA HOLTER-"Moni Mon Amie"

TWIN SHADOW-"Public School"

THE WEEKND-"What You Need"

MOONFACE-"Headed for the Door"

LISSIE-"Pursuit Of Happiness" Cover


SIGUR ROS-"Ekki Mukk"

Sigur Rós - Ekki múkk from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

Monday, March 26, 2012


It has a double meaning. "Day of Morning," because we literally didn't get back to the hotel room until the next morning, and the second "Day of Mourning," means I was sad cause it was over. Aw, sad face. 
This is just one of the many--and I mean many--markings from DJ Shepard Fairy. The analogy for how many markings there were on the Asbury Park boardwalk is "...he was like a very scared chihuahua, a very scared chihuahua with a very full bladder, just pissing everywhere."

Day 3 Rules -- RULE # 1 as follows...NO PINBALL. As you may have heard it is like the crack cocaine.
RULE # 2 Try to stay awake despite the lack of sleep and constant flashes of Michael McDonald karaoke bombs.
RULE # 3 Unlike the night before...make it to the Berkeley Disco on time.

We ate pizza and then went to sleep it off at the Earth show. As surreal as it was, I had never been to a show in which it was considered acceptable, even respectful, to close your eyes and just drift...

Earth photo via

I felt a bit embarrassed about my inability to keep my head up during the first couple of songs, but it was then that I nervously laughed, looked behind me and realized...everyone was closing their eyes. I can't say for sure if everyone was sleeping, all I know is the experience was one of collaborative meditation. After leaving the show--happy and with a slightly more awake demeanor--I had to wonder..."was this planned?" Is ATP truly this cognizant of their target audience? Probably. That is a great attribute though. It's like Cheers, where everybody knows when you're hung-over, half asleep, and completely comfortable. If you are taking a midday nap and really just want to meditate into a heavenly coma like we did then click HERE.

What do you want to do when you're slightly tired but also not tired enough to sleep? You drink a Bloody Mary and watch Belle De Jour in the Berkeley theatre. Bondage is comforting, most especially when you're sipping on vodka and watching Catharine Deneuve play out your sexual fantasies, I mean...her character's sexual fantasies...


After imbibing, we headed over to...

Never in my life have I seen so many white folk "fighting the power"--aside from Occupy Wall Street. I have also never in my life shouted "Flavor Flav!" with such voracity, and most importantly, honesty. Listen HERE to be a cop killer.

Chuck D photo via

On to the last one...

Portishead Night Two was a lot like Portishead Night One. I was completely elated hearing personally influential songs like "Wandering Star" and "Glorybox" finally live. I had such moments with those songs in middle school and to see them more than a decade later truly resonates with the child-like innocence most everyone tries so hard to keep alive and enthusiastic. I'd say the only let down was their identical set list. I would've loved to hear songs that I've only heard played viscerally on live albums. Another plus for me, Chuck D came on stage during "Machine Gun" and free-styled. Which at the time I thought was "so awesome and sporadic," but then I heard "...they did the same thing in Barcelona," which totally killed it for everybody. Most everybody but me. Because I wasn't in Barcelona when they did it the first time--but I was at ATP, so I'm happy, and isn't that what truly matters? The concert portion of this night is now over. We had a couple of activities to choose from--a movie, dance in a bowling alley with members of aforementioned bands, or go back to the hotel and sleep it off. We chose dancing in a bowling alley, obviously.

This is our reaction to DJ Shepard Fairy's music selection. No bueno.

Everyone else didn't seem to mind the tunage. So we drank heavily, and not surprisingly, that aided in the music flowing through us almost as smoothly as the drinks did. 

3:00 AM
The Berkeley Disco is an underground thing. It's on the down-low, the hush hush, the speak and easy. I honestly don't remember much from this point on. I started doing the Laura Palmer all over the place.

All I can say about the Berkeley Disco is it's two parts Marie Antoinette, one part David Lynch, and, that you've got to experience it for yourself. After that, all I remember is a white ape with an astronaut's helmet dancing on the side of somebody's home, and walking back to the hotel room on the boardwalk watching the sunrise over the Atlantic. No biggie. ATP is everything I ever expected and more out of a music festival and I hope I've done it justice here and here and here. If I didn't do it justice with my sometimes shoddy, slightly inebriated visuals and expounded descriptors, it looks like I'll be getting another chance. ATP Asbury Park 2012 is right around the summer corner and the tickets for the fest and jet plane have been picked and booked. So, there she blows. Till next time ATP...and hey, maybe this time around, I'll see you there.

Friday, March 23, 2012

GANAS LOOK of the WEEK. Palm Springs MUSEum.

After eating at Cheeky's, by far the best fare in all of Palm Springs (apologies in advance, there aren't any food photos)--in an attempt to do an activity other than laying by a pool and drinking--we decided cultural exploration (i.e. architecture and museum) might positively reverse our debaucher-ous ways for at least an hour or two. Wait for it....we didn't even get four feet inside the museum before realizing it would be free at 7pm. It was about 2pm. Next stop...poolside. To see more photos, only this time taken by the sweetest thing I've ever seen, Jessie Webster, click HERE.

"MUSEum wardrobe"
High-Waisted Shorts--Anzevino and Florence
Blue-Dot Platforms--"Norma" Cooperative from Urban Outfitters (now on SALE
Sunglasses-Karen Walker
Belt--Black Velvet Ribbon