Friday, July 29, 2011


Location--Ojai Abandoned Gas Station

This past weekend, the boy and I, and our lovely friends Jessie and James, spent a couple of wondrous days in Ojai, CA. While Jessie was working hard on taking photos for both our blogs, I worked harder on getting a tan. Thank you Jessie, your determination for work has only made me more lazy (see more of Jessie's photos here and here). This night in particular was spent doing an impromptu photo shoot at the abandoned gas station in Ojai (which has seduced all four of us for quite some time). We stopped to take these after a delectable fine-dining experience at Casa De Lagos. If you've ever been there you'll better understand the dry humor. The looks we received for our dinner attire were quite hilarious, almost as hilarious as my fixation on my food. No, really, the food is impeccable, REALLY, I'm Mexican, I wouldn't lie to you and I know my shit. Go.

Posing for these photos was a bit of a workout--due to all the sucking in after my Chile Colorado Burrito--but, after we finished, we definitely got a workout from all of our laborious bar-hopping (if you've ever been to Ojai you'll get the joke here as well). Anyhow, what I'm attempting to translate is... the trip was memorable, and even more memorable was our entertainment for the evening. Ladies and Gentlemen, I leave you with Nektare.

Afton's "Street Stalker" Outfit
Pencil Skirt--Vintage, Etsy
See-through Leotard-- Similar Slip at Urban Outfitters
Black Suede Shoes--Vintage, Recess of my Closet

Jessie's "Street Stalker" Outfit
Jewelry--Wendy Mink Ring, Forever 21 and Madewell Bracelets
Mules--Rachel Comey

Monday, July 25, 2011


Lost another tremendous talent on Saturday. At least--the very least--her voice will never be lost.

27 by _M_I_A_

Friday, July 22, 2011


Strange Girls. I like em. I'm one of em. At least I know I'm def def definitely the strange girl that is being alluded to in the concerned poster above. But what and who are "strange" girls? Are strange girls feminists, sexual revolutionists, liberals... or are they sister-wives, tea-party-ers, and against funding Planned Parenthood? I could definitely make my case against the latter, but right now I've got to pack for a jam-packed week-end (of which I'll be posting about all next week) and I'm quite excited, flummoxed, and all over the place due to a concoction of being a last-minute indecisive procrastinator with laundry to do. But, before I begin to pack and lose all focus entirely, I wanted to pose this question for you. What exactly constitutes a "strange" girl? An opinion, a desire for equality, sexual prowess, a dislike for "bodycon" dresses, and a penchant for trousers that ride her ribs? I'm positive all of these bear some influence on being a strange gal, but what does being strange mean for you? Have you ever thought of someone as a "strange" girl--a stranger, a friend...yourself? When said--whether personally or not--does it feel like a positive or negative connotation? Or is it either? Perhaps terming someone strange, especially a female, does not have any effect on who she is, how she perceives herself--or how she wants to be perceived. Maybe all "strange" does is boost her confidence and make her want to help humanity--or the opposite-- "strange" bolsters her hyper-self-conscious ego and inspires her to rebel and repel against society as a whole. Either way, what good is a societal term, even when it is defined and supported? I guess you could say the same for... well..."strange" girls. "Some deliver sermon, the great leave us with our freedom." I leave you with that. You be the judge and be fair. I've got to pack.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm completely fulfilled, by both album art and single. Anticipation eased, slightly. Although now, I want more. Please. Supposedly, my wish will be granted in the form of a double disc release in October. Woo.

Midnight City by M83

Monday, July 18, 2011


All the above photos were taken in the Inland Empire. Due to Carmageddon (what a fluke) we were deterred from the precious fractured Valley and drawn like Moth's to the even more disparate Inland Empire. The first grouping of photos was taken at Bowlium Lanes and thine next grouping was taken at the infamous Wigwam Motel. How... politically incorrect of me. This day was one of great triumph. The forgotten plains of our industrial forefathers is begging for an impending future take over. My figurative wheels begin to turn and the planning begins,  let's move all like-minded friends and beings to one locale and flourish in all facets of business and leisure. Cult you say?... I say Utopia. Utopian Cult.

"Inland Attire" Outfit
Blouse--Forever 21
Sweater--Anzevino and Florence
Leather Shorts and Collar Tips --ASOS
Oxfords--Forever 21
Jewelry--Earrings, Vintage, Hodgsens, Rings, JewelMint Forget Me Knot Trio sans braided ring, Rose gold/white ring is Ariella Collection and Disco Ball ring is vintage.
Bag--Forever 21

Friday, July 15, 2011


"Agent Orange" and/ or "Loud Color-Blocking" Outfit
Sweater--Vintage, found in the deep recess of my closet
Trousers--Vintage, Goodwill
Shoes--Jeffrey Campbell, Solestruck
Bag--Forever 21
Jewlery--Earrings, Vintage, Hodgsens Antiques--Rings, JewelMint "Forget Me Knot" Trio and Ludlow Trio, Rose Gold/White Ring from Ariella Collection, Disco Ball Ring is Vintage
Lipstick--Danceteria from Three Custom Color