Monday, July 18, 2011


All the above photos were taken in the Inland Empire. Due to Carmageddon (what a fluke) we were deterred from the precious fractured Valley and drawn like Moth's to the even more disparate Inland Empire. The first grouping of photos was taken at Bowlium Lanes and thine next grouping was taken at the infamous Wigwam Motel. How... politically incorrect of me. This day was one of great triumph. The forgotten plains of our industrial forefathers is begging for an impending future take over. My figurative wheels begin to turn and the planning begins,  let's move all like-minded friends and beings to one locale and flourish in all facets of business and leisure. Cult you say?... I say Utopia. Utopian Cult.

"Inland Attire" Outfit
Blouse--Forever 21
Sweater--Anzevino and Florence
Leather Shorts and Collar Tips --ASOS
Oxfords--Forever 21
Jewelry--Earrings, Vintage, Hodgsens, Rings, JewelMint Forget Me Knot Trio sans braided ring, Rose gold/white ring is Ariella Collection and Disco Ball ring is vintage.
Bag--Forever 21

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