Monday, July 11, 2011


Lofticries by PURITY RING

Hi all. I've pretty much deemed this my new "getting ready" song. It's one of those jams that, unbeknownst to you at first, transforms your whole state of mind, I'd go as far to say even your outlook on the day. I put Purity Ring's "Lofticries" on and was intrinsically drawn to certain pieces of clothing and accessories, intrinsically drawn to piece together an outfit that generated a sort of armor for the character who was slowly being created beat by beat, synth by synth. That armor is something you'll get a peek at soon.

This will be the song I consistently put on to ready myself for the battle of the day. You could say, to take on the day with a "Con Ganas" outlook. Granted, to keep that outlook, you might have to listen to it on repeat the entire day, like I did (apologies honey pie).

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  1. LOVE U<3 Your Favorite Cousin :)