Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I just recently took a whirlwind three-day trip to San Francisco with my fair lady friend, Jessie. We ate, walked, talked, and took photos, but mainly looked forward to gaining ground toward our day and night consumption destinations. Since our days were jam packed, we only really ate twice a day. We would be starving by the time we reached any eatery, and savored every last bite of whatever we ordered. All of the places we went satisfied and satiated our food desires, but, I think one eatery in general swept our taste buds off their tongues and will always make us swoon for more. The Don Juan of eateries I speak of is James Beard award-winning, TARTINE Bakery and Cafe.  

I've visited Tartine before and was just as blown away by the pastries as anyone in their right mind would be. But this visit was different ( I feel like I'm talking about a boy and not a sandwich), Jess and I shared the Spicy Turkey sandwich. There were literally no words the entire time Jessie and I consumed that sandwich. Just faces. The Spicy Turkey is made up of a wholesome, freshly-made country bread, peppered turkey, provolone, and (the kicker I think) the broccoli rabe pesto. I've had pesto before, even pesto made without basil, and with arugula in it's place. At the time I thought the arugula was a creative idea, but boy was I blown away by the broccoli rabe innovation. It gave the pesto a kick, a slight spice, something that a mustard seed or horseradish would do, but also made the kick subdued due to the bitterness of the rabe. We off-ed the sandwich and then started in on the Banana Cream Tart. I've had this before and was blown away by it's perfection, but I'm a sweet person, meaning I like sweets, and Jessie is, well... after all she is the creator of Sweet Thing blog, nuff said. But, for those of you who aren't into the most decadent of sweet desserts like Jessie and I, do not be fooled, the Banana Cream tart is for you. All of the layers; the dark chocolate, the flakiness of the tart, the caramel, the bananas, and lastly the cream (oh the cream), all amalgamate into one of the most evenly balanced, rich confections of deliciousness that I've ever had. Yes it is sweet, but it is not too sweet, it is perfect. All I have to say is yes, Elisabeth Prueitt, you are the innovative genius who came up with the Spicy Turkey and the Banana Cream Tart, and, for that I say Thank you, they are delightful.
If you want to see more of our San Francisco photos check out Jessie's blog, SWEET THING.

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