Monday, June 27, 2011


NATALIE JOOS is a piece of dynamite. She never ceases to explode in my face. That sounds extremely inappropriate and yet somehow intriguing... correct or no? Either way I saw this post of hers today, and realized she beat me to the punch in posting a show-stopping pink number on her blog Tales of Endearment. Joos beats me in a lot of ways, however with the pain comes the pleasure of being entertained by the most alluring vintage based style blog I've ever seen. I resemble a masochist when it comes to her blog, consistently self-inflicting. I thrive on her images and am inspired by her simultaneous hyper-vintage and effortlessly-grounded styling. The synergy is addictive and I hope to emulate something of that nature with my own blog. Most of my pieces are thrift and vintage and I only hope to inspire and spark as she has for her loads of adoring fans, including yours truly. I have wanted to post a similarly colored vintage piece I recently acquired in April, and have since worn several times, yet, to get a photo of it is always a challenge due to copious amounts of alcohol. It's a magnet for a good time this knit. So, I was beat to the punch, but hey, I was beat by Natalie Joos. Suck it up right? And hey while I'm sucking on that, you should suck on this, what I think is the best vintage clothing porn I've ever seen. I mean this with the classiest of intentions. Suck away.

The Tale of Annabelle Dexter-Jones from Tales of Endearment on Vimeo.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I realize some say "never look back." But my inspiration to keep "a movin" forward (personally) stems from a perpetual looking back, a conveyor belt of nostalgia, if you will. So, this aforementioned advice does not apply to me.

I recently started to dance again after a 5 yr. hiatus. Yes, it has been a good while, however, this did not stop me from recycling my old dance shoes and hoofing it over to my old dancing grounds. During my first trip back to dance class I realized a couple things: 1. I have regressed 2. I should have never stopped 3.Shoulda Coulda Woulda And, lastly....4. I still love dancing, and, like Britney says, I'm gonna dance till the world ends, or something along those lines.
Dance also heavily infiltrates my personal style. Layering loose, flowy, asymmetrical items, leotards, ballet flats, tights, textures and fabric choices such as tulle, and jersey all stem from the influence of dance and a dancer's wardrobe. Chloe and Rodarte have both recently created lines that seem heavily influenced by dance and therefore heavily influence me. I find that both of these lines are quite balanced in completely opposite ways in terms of inspiration, influence and approach, nonetheless, both lines are completely and obsessively covet-able and most definitely inspire me to attempt re-creation DIY style. Wish me luck...or just say break a leg.
Chloe Spring 2011
Rodarte "States of Matter" Exhibit Installations at the MOCA PDC  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I was visiting family in Las Vegas this past weekend, and I think I have NEVER in my life had so much outstanding homemade Mexican food; Chilaquiles, Ceviche, Pan Dulce, the list goes on. While I would love to spout about the authenticity and delectability of my family's home-cooking, the spotlight tonight is on one of Vegas' supremely innovative and accessible eateries China Poblano

Jose Andres is slowly emerging as one of my favorite chefs. It may help that he apprenticed under Ferran AdriĆ , the head chef of El Bulli, often considered the single greatest restaurant in the world, BUT, what really sets Andres apart from other celebrity chefs is a pure love for experimentation that is only equaled by the taste of his cooking. Andres incorporates the concepts of Molecular Gastronomy into his cooking. Molecular Gastronomy is a style of cooking that combines scientific method with culinary innovation and in the wrong hands can sometimes be more conceptually interesting than pleasing to the palate but Andres brings a child-like energy that eschews the pretensions of many of his counterparts.

His new concept at China Poblano, at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, is a curious new direction that demonstrates Jose Andres is a Haute force to be reckoned with. At first glace, China Poblano seems to be a fusion restaurant, a concept I normally recoil from, but Andres is less interested in combining these two cuisines as much as he is interested in having them side by side. Some of his classic well known gastronomical concoctions like the Salt Air Margarita can be found on the menu, a drink well deserved of its reviews and reputation, but what one might find surprising is that apart from the drinks, the food at China Poblano is not a molecular gastronomical affair. Instead Andres restrains some of his more conceptual impulses to present straightforward street food from their respective countries of origin and focuses precisely on what is most important, the taste.

Salt Air Margaritas (There are no words...okay maybe there are, FUCKING FANTASTIC)
Fresh house-made chips, tortillas, guacamole, and salsa rojo
Ensalada Cesar "Alex Cardini"
Queso "Fun-dido". Pun intended.
The Langosta
Viva China. Warm oyster (BLEH) on top of beef tendon (not that bleh), not recommended, ESPECIALLY if you're drinking and hey it's Vegas, you're drinking.
Dan Dan Mian
Cold Tea for Two. A delicious concoction of  Tequila, Beer, and Green Tea. Don't let the dainty teapot and green tea aspects fool you, this punch packs, well...a punch.

Apologies for lack of outfit in this post, I had one but then realized I looked like I had eaten too much, and hey, I did. No regrets, this is a promise for more style posts in the upcoming weeks. I need to run, or dance, or do anything that requires physical exertion and/or movement.

Friday, June 17, 2011


This photo is of my Grand-dad (also a great and wise man. Love you.) and my Dad when he was just a baby. Quite the photogenic pair.

"Work hard, then play hard, wash your hands, and, be nice to people."

" I know Dad, I know."

"Okay. You know, you know, but do it... Love you Pooker Bear."

"Love you Dad"

"See you later Boo."

The red-orange Volkswagen Bug drives off and disappears into the morning fog.

Little did he know... those pavlovian send-offs would later be the hallmark motto she'd live by for the rest of her life.

My dad is a writer.
My dad is a goof.
My dad is funny.
My dad is a good dancer ( in his mind, and in mine).
My dad is a good son.
My dad loves film (and instilled the passion within me).
My dad is thoughtful.
My dad is kind.
My dad is really intelligent (but in his words "well-read").
My dad is ALWAYS there for me.
My dad's name is William Britton Kulp. 
I love him more than he knows, and will forever be indebted to him.
Dad, I love you forever

Classic Dad photo, he always loved to be outside in the sun and/or by the water. Classic Pisces I guess.
In this photo he reminds me of an old Hollywood movie star, so effortless, and yet, so effortlessly stunning. I always can look at this photo endlessly, imagining what his life was like before me.
Daddy's Girl

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I CAME, I SAW, THEY CONQUERED. The Flaming Lips at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

I'm honestly speechless at this point. Still in a haze. Mentally fragmented. I love Wayne Coyne. This moment is unforgettable. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these should make up for my inability to verbalize. I am love (Wayne Coyne says so) and in love (I say so) with The Flaming Lips. I hope to verbalize soon. It's brewing within...

Afton's "Soft Bulletin" Outfit
Dress--Vintage, Goodwill
Shoes--Jeffrey Campbell "Litas"
Belt--Black Velvet Ribbon
Earrings--Betsey Johnson, Macy's
Rings--Jewel Mint, Forever 21, and Vintage Disco Ball Ring
Bag--Forever 21