Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Locavore. I like this coined term (and newly appointed Oxford American Dictionary word) for many a reason. Reason Number One--half of the word is in Spanish, and anything at least half-hispanic is always better than none, although Loca means crazy, and I don't think eating crazy people is good for digestion. HOWEVER, there is still reason numero Dos--focusing on (trying to be) or being a Locavore means I get to eat, and feel great about it while I'm eating, at Four Cafe in Eagle Rock, Ca. 

Four cafe is a restaurant that focuses it's sights on maintaining a green business and energy efficient practices in the kitchen. They buy at local Farmers Markets and utilize slow-cooking techniques which surprisingly doesn't make me feel like I'm eating rabbit food and/or the bark of a tree. The dishes are decidedly Spring as the name of the restaurant suggests, a name I believe is in reference to the four seasons, and not the luxury hotel chain, but the four seasons that come with equinoxes, and although the feeling you get from Four Cafe is something akin to a healthful experience not too dissimilar from one of those high-end gymnasiums, there is a lot less work and money involved in this exercise. So, it feels good while making you look good. Get it. (Side-note: Remind me not to apply for any marketing agency in charge of witty and catchy slogans any time soon.) 

Four Cafe fills a void that was incredibly lacking in L.A., and is also a restaurant that reflects the style of cooking I try to actualize at home--food that is simply good for you without trading in what matters--the ingredients and the taste. Four cafe broadens my horizons as it always introduces me to new entree and appetizer pairings, veggie pairings, and taste pairings I'd never think of on my own, and sometimes I'm happy just to break out of the monotony of eating my own cooking at home, go somewhere and not have to sacrifice my intentions toward a healthful lifestyle. This past visit we had the Carrot and Ginger Soup, the Chicken Black Bean Soup, the Spring Green Salad, and the Fiery Steak Sandwich. All completely healthful, local, fresh, and most importantly, deliciously guilt-free.


  1. Gracias! I just took a peek at your blog and love the way you incorporate random pieces of lace, leather, and plumage into classic-ly paired outfits. Bravo! Thank you again for checking out Afton Con Ganas and I hope to continue to see more of your blog as well.