Friday, June 17, 2011


This photo is of my Grand-dad (also a great and wise man. Love you.) and my Dad when he was just a baby. Quite the photogenic pair.

"Work hard, then play hard, wash your hands, and, be nice to people."

" I know Dad, I know."

"Okay. You know, you know, but do it... Love you Pooker Bear."

"Love you Dad"

"See you later Boo."

The red-orange Volkswagen Bug drives off and disappears into the morning fog.

Little did he know... those pavlovian send-offs would later be the hallmark motto she'd live by for the rest of her life.

My dad is a writer.
My dad is a goof.
My dad is funny.
My dad is a good dancer ( in his mind, and in mine).
My dad is a good son.
My dad loves film (and instilled the passion within me).
My dad is thoughtful.
My dad is kind.
My dad is really intelligent (but in his words "well-read").
My dad is ALWAYS there for me.
My dad's name is William Britton Kulp. 
I love him more than he knows, and will forever be indebted to him.
Dad, I love you forever

Classic Dad photo, he always loved to be outside in the sun and/or by the water. Classic Pisces I guess.
In this photo he reminds me of an old Hollywood movie star, so effortless, and yet, so effortlessly stunning. I always can look at this photo endlessly, imagining what his life was like before me.
Daddy's Girl

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  1. Daddy's Girl: I loved it. Funny! I feel like I've witnessed/heard that dialogue. Love the My Dad list. He looks great in those pics.
    That's cool!