Monday, June 27, 2011


NATALIE JOOS is a piece of dynamite. She never ceases to explode in my face. That sounds extremely inappropriate and yet somehow intriguing... correct or no? Either way I saw this post of hers today, and realized she beat me to the punch in posting a show-stopping pink number on her blog Tales of Endearment. Joos beats me in a lot of ways, however with the pain comes the pleasure of being entertained by the most alluring vintage based style blog I've ever seen. I resemble a masochist when it comes to her blog, consistently self-inflicting. I thrive on her images and am inspired by her simultaneous hyper-vintage and effortlessly-grounded styling. The synergy is addictive and I hope to emulate something of that nature with my own blog. Most of my pieces are thrift and vintage and I only hope to inspire and spark as she has for her loads of adoring fans, including yours truly. I have wanted to post a similarly colored vintage piece I recently acquired in April, and have since worn several times, yet, to get a photo of it is always a challenge due to copious amounts of alcohol. It's a magnet for a good time this knit. So, I was beat to the punch, but hey, I was beat by Natalie Joos. Suck it up right? And hey while I'm sucking on that, you should suck on this, what I think is the best vintage clothing porn I've ever seen. I mean this with the classiest of intentions. Suck away.

The Tale of Annabelle Dexter-Jones from Tales of Endearment on Vimeo.

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