Friday, June 24, 2011


I realize some say "never look back." But my inspiration to keep "a movin" forward (personally) stems from a perpetual looking back, a conveyor belt of nostalgia, if you will. So, this aforementioned advice does not apply to me.

I recently started to dance again after a 5 yr. hiatus. Yes, it has been a good while, however, this did not stop me from recycling my old dance shoes and hoofing it over to my old dancing grounds. During my first trip back to dance class I realized a couple things: 1. I have regressed 2. I should have never stopped 3.Shoulda Coulda Woulda And, lastly....4. I still love dancing, and, like Britney says, I'm gonna dance till the world ends, or something along those lines.
Dance also heavily infiltrates my personal style. Layering loose, flowy, asymmetrical items, leotards, ballet flats, tights, textures and fabric choices such as tulle, and jersey all stem from the influence of dance and a dancer's wardrobe. Chloe and Rodarte have both recently created lines that seem heavily influenced by dance and therefore heavily influence me. I find that both of these lines are quite balanced in completely opposite ways in terms of inspiration, influence and approach, nonetheless, both lines are completely and obsessively covet-able and most definitely inspire me to attempt re-creation DIY style. Wish me luck...or just say break a leg.
Chloe Spring 2011
Rodarte "States of Matter" Exhibit Installations at the MOCA PDC  

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