Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The Toys of Lord Fletcher's Inn from Phil Donohue on Vimeo.
James caught off guard by the girth of the John Hancock.
PD showing how it's done.
The cinematically beautiful Jess.
The Cadillac of Margaritas
The Beatles!
The transportation.

We started our night--like any Palm Springs native would, you know run-of-the-mill natives like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin--at Lord Fletcher's Inn. It's succinctly what everybody says it is--iconic, kitschy, loud, and quiet, dark and light--all synonymously. There wasn't anyone at Lord Fletcher's that could match us in age (which I particularly air towards), but they could match our vigor, our stories, tell us their jokes and show us their toys. Sir Andrew, the second man to "man the bar" since the Inn opened it's doors in 1966, started our night off with four Cadillac Margaritas, his specialty, of course, and proceeded to show us the toys. Yes toys, and there were plenty. 

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