Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Coming back home from Palm Springs is a little jarring. You arrive home and anxiety settles in. You're bored with the mundane itinerary you said you'd accomplish after the trip. You miss your friends and as the rain continues to pour around your homestead, you finally decide you have to give in. After accepting our short-lived fate we realized all we needed was music and clean sheets to make us comfortably realize we were truly home again.

On the plus side, being stuck at home kicked our asses into gear and reminded us of one very illicit detail. We were in our NEW home. Instantly motivated, we cleaned the entire house (hopefully that's believable), moved into the bedroom (after squatting in the dining room for a couple of months waiting for paint to dry) and finally set up the living room incorporating the prized treasures we'd accumulated over the past four months of antiquing in our new neighborhood. All of this proactivity aided in calming our 'vacation's over angst', but to be fair, the music did most of the work for us, it played incessantly politely using our bodies as vessels.

The Field-"Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime"

Link Wray-"Rumble"

Air-"Alone In Kyoto"

Brian Eno-"Weightless"

Art Of Noise-"Moments In Love"

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