Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I am. Or at the very most, the utmost, I want to be. I am going to be honest, I tried to keep this post brief photo-wise. I don't think I was able to, but with the plethora of inspiring, fun, colorful, and INNOVATIVE looks to choose from, I honestly could have just posted all of them. Obsessively arranging them, the details of the clothing, the arena in which they showed off said details (the atrium of the Universite Pierre et Marie Curie)--and then I realized, how incredibly pointless and contrived that would be since the designing duo had already nailed every arrangement, right down to the perfect purple pastries flown in to Paris from famed New York bakery Magnolia. How I would have loved to even had the chance to sit on one of those pastries. Even the possibility of embarrassing and soiling myself (with the cupcake) at this show is a fantasy that I entertain quite regularly. Especially after, seeing the footage of their Fall 2012 runway work of art, and it had to have been a lot of work. Considering the lavish fashion arenas we've seen previously, one can only imagine what type of consideration has to be organically conceived in order to produce this type of show. It was CINEMATIC and that is what is translated through film. To be present when this (overheard: remote and difficult to get to) arena had been set to life with Carole and Humberto's neuro-imaginative production, must have truly been the definition of inspiring. Inspiring because not only are they redefining Kenzo as a brand, but they are redefining the ways in which to do exactly that. They aren't simply taking looks from prior Kenzo helm operator Kenzo Takada's past, and redefining them with the current predictions of fashion's future. What I love about the Opening Ceremony founders, and what I find most tantalizing, other than their love of forward, colorful, and innovative style--is their penchant for authenticity. That alone is what will keep them reaching and grasping, if only for a fleeting moment, for the eye of the tiger. An Opening Ceremony proverbiality that consistently lends itself to kitsch, niche, and now--to Kenzo.

Oh yeah. I am a Kenzo Girl.

**All photos and video via VOGUE.com

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