Sunday, March 11, 2012


My fondness for music is about to expose itself on a more consistent basis. Every week, in a category I've coined "AURAL PLEASURE," there will be music to dance to, work to, clean to, or cry to.

Whether it's more than one or less than zero, they will be here. If not newbies, then oldies will be the goodies, and luckily, maybe for you they'll be new. I guess all the advice I can give is, "Be ready to listen." Introducing...

Polica-"Lay Your Cards Out"

Phantogram-"Don't Move"

Florence and The Machine-"Shake It Out"(The Weeknd Remix)

Bobby Womack-"Please Forgive My Heart"

Washed Out-"Flower Anthem"

Flower Anthem from WASHED OUT on Vimeo.

Clams Casino-"Swervin' Remix"(Instrumental)

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