Monday, February 27, 2012


We wake up and have a couple of hrs to spare...we weren't interested in anything before The Horrors, so we thought we'd take a little detour...

Due to having a couple hours to roam free, we thought we'd have a meal outside the paramaters of the Asbury Park Boardwalk. I shouldn't lie to you, this wasn't by happenstance. We had this planned. We could not be in New Jersey and not visit Bobby Flay's fast-casual Mecca, "Bobby's Burger Palace." You'll definitely want to make a stop there if you're anywhere near New Jersey. Even if you're not, go, and bring me a burger?...

Putting those pictures in order is killing me. I want that "crunch-ified" cheeseburger so desperately. I know, I know, it's not life or death, but I'm on a cliche'--I mean a detox--so it technically does hurt to even look at food that you've been banned from eating for almost a month. I digress.

The food pictured is--1. The "Crunchburger." Which essentially is Double American Cheese and house-made potato chips on a delicious patty with lettuce, red onion and tomato. It was really like In-and-Out on crack with chips and a sesame seed bun. The ingredients were also decidedly fresher than In-and-Out. 

The 2nd burger is the "Santa Fe Burger" which consists of Queso Sauce, Pickled Jalapenos, and Blue Corn Chips. It's like the well balanced version of American and Mexican fusion, utterly delish. Also pictured are the "Sweet Potato Fries" which come with a side of pitch-perfect honey mustard horseradish sauce. 

We also tried a couple of shakes, flavors of said shakes were "Black and White" and "Coffee," if you can imagine...utterly satiating, then you pretty much have an idea of what we got going on here. Also, if I remember correctly...I think our 3rd party chose the healthiest burger -(possibly the "Napa")- because according to him, he needed at least one healthy meal to...ahem...clear out his track (I'll let you fill in which track, and it ain't got horses running around in it), and I wasn't fast enough to snap a picture of that aforementioned healthy burger. I went to refill my soda cup, came back and his health concoction had vanished. He said it was "really good," and if I had to take a chance I'd say I believe him. Bobby's burgers were on par with the best of them. If the best of them are the same for you as they are for me. Thine favorites include (that I've had in life thus far), in no particular order--Umami, In-and-Out, and Gott's Roadside. I guess now I can add Bobby's Burger to that list. Did you expect anything less? It's made in a palace, a burger palace, and that palace is called America. Sorry I'm getting tired.

Just for good measure, ATP outfit day dos (2).

After filling ourselves to the brim with the bottom to the top of the archaic food pyramid, we headed back to the boardwalk. Here is where things started getting a bit confusing. To be honest, you might make the same mistake we did. Ok, here's the mid term. Look at Saturday's schedule, the one towards the beginning of this post. What time do The Horror's play?...

Ok, time's up, pencils down.

You answered 5:00pm?
You're wrong. Do you feel it? That incredible feeling of being let down, by your lack of schedule reading expertise. 
This is how we felt, except at this point, we were here, playing these...

which essentially...when at least a hundred of these are A LOT like crack, or some other drug that hooks you with all of it's shiny bells and whistles, and hypnotizes you until the point you look up, check the time, and realize...
you've missed two bands who you REALLY wanted to see. Pop Group and Battles. DU, DU, Duh. I felt like a cad. We all did. BUT we hopped to it walked like normal disappointed adults and made sure we didn't miss Portishead night one.

Yup, that's Beth Gibbons, crowd surfing. Videos and such will be included on ATP Day 3, because that day was the day the sun came up too soon.

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