Monday, February 20, 2012


Everyone waits with baited breath for Alexander Wang...

Last time we spoke, Wang's motocross/80's surf colors translation for Spring 11' came across as reaching for me. I wanted signature Wang. I almost always reach full orgasm when watching his iconic creations/accessories being leashed down the runway. It always looks as if the accessories could metaphysically transcend reality, if only the cool girl would loosen her hypnotized grasp.

Gravity was Wang's enemy this Fall. 70's shag, sheer, and sheen-y leather duffles, over-sized sleeves that are big and rounded at the shoulder but taper towards the wrist, and knee-high boots coalesced down the runway in black, white, and the ever-dependable fall burgundy. I got to say, the Wang shag and sheen reminded me of Barbarella, sans all psychedelic colors, yet still calling out Barbarella's futuristic namesake.

However, the runway look over all was definitely not sexy futuristic heroine, but it could be the girl...I have no idea. I'm a bit perplexed about the mouth covering. Are muzzles the new trend of 2012? I hear the headlines now, "The turtleneck that went too far...."

Otherwise, accessorie-wise, Wang scored again. Touchdown.


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