Friday, February 17, 2012


What I love about Yigal Azrouel's Fall Collection.

1. Complete apprehension of key visual concepts--Fall Colors, i.e. shades of brown, orange, yellow, red, and green do not have to be generically fused together. I do not want to wear nonspecific 70's wallpaper, I don't.

2. Complete lack of recession empathy. Skins and Furs. Skins and Furs. Honestly, (and yes, I started with the punch line) I think this collection reads "Look on the bright side folks, we can't all be poor."

3. The hat.

4. His ability to make feminine/masculine a consistent edgy desirable with understated masculine lines, supple feminine textures and supple feminine shapes.

What I respect and love about Yigal is he seems to lack, what seems completely unavoidable, an ear to the streets. Yes, this particular collection is very reminiscent of Mary Kate and Ashley's 2011 Fall Collection for The Row, but I loved that collection and it did not get the fanfare it truly deserved. Now we get a second chance, which, one eventually realizes happens a lot in fashion. You buy any of these pieces (or the knock-offs that will eventually trickle down and make their way to ZARA) 1. you will have them forever and 2. you will wear them often. It's a romantic ideal, but it is the tangible unspoken rule of individual style. You must choose clothing with an immortal shelf life. It will not only save you from saying "What was I thinking?!..."but it will also save you bundles of pesos. A monogamous relationship with your clothing--my version of "Happily Ever After."

**All photos and video via TheCut

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