Monday, September 12, 2011


Night One of the Month of Audible Indulgence. Handsome Furs at the Echoplex. 

All that shake and no spillage. I'm a very talented dancer ya know.

After greeting all of our guests as I pulled into the driveway, I was hurried into getting ready for UMAMI Burger, the successfully touted restaurant that has developed a menu of burgers all imbued with the "fifth taste." Umami Burger is undoubtedly my favorite burger in L.A. However, I have recently (and by recent I mean literally right before my overview of this week's decadent posts) decided to stay off meat and drink for a while, and now, (meaning while I write this post) the idea of abstaining from Umami Burger has one doubting the sturdiness of thine's own discipline. With that being said, on the night of the Handsome Furs show, I had the most decadent of decadent Truffle Burgers. The most decadent and yet so satisfactory I almost didn't throw away my friend's 5 day-old leftovers. Now, veggies are my friend. This is my mantra.
Look at him he's practically eating the microphone. Point blank, they're so good and so crazy--crazy good. Poison Ivy and the Joker. That's all I kept thinking. What a team. The chemistry between them surged like an electrical current pulsing through my gorging veins, feeding on their simultaneous glances toward's one another and--choreographed or not--seamless keyboard switching and insane guitar transitions. Completely cool. Yes I'm a band geek, but not in the way you might've assumed.

We all danced our asses off.

and so did they.

Till the next post...Fuck Yeah.

Afton's "Handsome Furs" Outfit (completely lackluster I think...)
Blouse--Vintage, my closet
Jeans--Kill City
Shoes--Pierre Hardy for Gap
Rings--Vintage and Jewelmint

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