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I suppose the only way I can begin to describe Fuck Yeah Fest is to move chronologically throughout the day delving into each band's performance--both physically and emotionally--writing down a mimicked version of the behaviors of which I displayed that day. Sadly, I missed Purity Ring. I know. They were the first band I was dying to see, but, the lack of my friend's support--and even my avowedly fervent views regarding the negative effects of peer pressure--well...they all just watched me imbibe my cares away. So, that was and is currently my excuse, I was swept away by this riptide consisting of beer and good times. I watched all my hopes of waking up early, in order to see the infamous Purity Ring, go down the toilet. BUT! As I watched a recap of their FYF performance; this I what I took from the experience, or lack thereof.

ALAS...The duo seems to be more in their element at night--at least performance wise--aided by their light-up I.D.M. (Intelligent.Dance.Music) machinery and minimalist backdrop. Their sound, however, transcends light gradation, and sounds just as crisp, fluid, and inspired as it does "...seep[ing] through your sockets and earrings into your precious fractured skull." Seeing as FYF was one of maybe twelve performances thus far (correct me if I'm wrong, really, correct me because I have no idea)--one can't help but notice that maybe the dusty tent with poor sound quality was an element of performance the Purity Ringers just didn't consider. As far as I'm concerned they pleased the crowd with new songs and despite lack of ambiance and/or cool air, the show went on as they say, with hands and heads rocking. The videos below are of Purity Ring's performance at FYF and one--not so much--but it is a shining night performance, and my favorite song. Here we go.

On to the next one. FUTURE ISLANDSSSS.
Can I just say that I am a Future Islander, or Islandee, Future Inhabitant, Future Fanland, I don't know what the hell to call myself and the tight, sweaty mass inside the tent this very day, but what I do know is, is that we're almost as intense as this guy, this guyyy......

I think that he is the closest thing we have to an actualized PERFORMER nowadays. He just gives and then gives some more of himself to this incredible music, AND THEN fuels his audience with this incredibly positive rage. I know that sounds odd, but his intensity is on par with a dose of some serious shit.
He makes me want to be high--on life that is--and I have traveled near and far to see these three in hopes that someday I'll be cool enough to incite some wisdom and a couple of intimate--and by intimate I mean small crowd--GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER--performances from these guys. I mean , how amazing would it be to have this in your garden? Again, out of the gutter--and no I am not projecting...

Exhibit A. Before FUTURE ISLANDS...
 Exhibit B. After FUTURE ISLANDS...

Okay, around this time we've decided to wind down outside the white tents (named after a make-believe rat's den) and watch The Cults who performed on the big stage. This part of the day didn't inspire much of anything but not over-heating. The Cult's were neither great nor god-awful. Now, don't get me wrong, I really like the Cults. I listen to the album regularly and have never once complained about anything. They are good, definitely good enough to desire another listen, but just not good enough to want to see again. WAH, Wah, wah, wahhhhhhh........

But you know who rocked out that very same stage?... The very same band that never plays the same set because they have so many influential songs, it would be impossible to play all of them in one moment, and they launched the careers of not one, but two of my all-time favorite female leads... Miss FEIST and Miss EMILY HAINES...Do you know who it is?...

I was surprised at my focus during the show because; 1. I've seen them numerous times and 2. the current lead female vocal is nowhere near the ethereal, soigne vocal cadence of Miss Feist, and definitely far from the uniquely poignant vocals belonging to Miss Emily Haines. However, the current female vocals were barely visible throughout the entire set, aiding (in my opinion) the instrumental experience, which, after all, is the reason why B.S.S caught my ear in the first place. Hearing songs off of "You Forgot It In People" is always transporting, and I was happy to be reminded of my 17 yr-old self, even if it was only for a moment. After B.S.S played a fantastic "sun-set," we all decided to play around in the 'decidedly cooler' beer garden.

I ain't afraid of no porter pottie!

Okay enough of me and on to GLASS CANDY.
Oh yeah, this was a definitive dance-y moment for Jess and I. After all of the aggressive male energy--which we admittedly enjoyed thoroughly--us gals needed a moment of pure feminine adrenaline (especially because it was Jess' B-Day!) mixed with some electro Euro disco. Glass Candy was the perfect choice. They could not have performed a better set. Lead Vocalist, Ida No, channeled a mod siren love child a la' Claudia Cardinale and Brigitte Bardot, breathing these heavy vocals into the mike and intermittently emitting a high pitched "Cmon' Cmon'!," seducing the crowd into a dancing frenzy--and frenziedly dance we did.

The Grand Finale at FYF for our large herd was the EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY performance, which I think all of us were plenty excited about. I will go as far to say that my boyfriend didn't want photos taken of him in this moment and I shed real life tears. I was ready for it, that one moment that moved symbiotically between me being in the moment and attempting to watch it as it occurred, a moment sound tracked by Explosions in the was intense, I cried, and I'll never forget it. However, these are a few pictures taken before hand, and yes that's my foot. I do kicks when I'm excited. Not lame cheerleader ones, I'd say they're more in the vein of an Uma Thurman in Kill Bill type kick.

You see the people behind my rude bulging biceps and forearm? Those are our friends Gady and Sandy. Here's a better photo of their elated Explosions faces.

I want to introduce these two, because not only will they be joining us for our Panda Bear show at the Hollywood Bowl, but their two little adorable girls are as well. They seem to have been bit by the audiophile bug because they already love and request music from such artists as PANDA BEAR. I am quite excited to meet these two. Can't wait to meet you girls!

Regretfully, I didn't record one of my favorite songs, "Let Me Back In," and no one else seemed to capture it as well as Explosions played it at FYF, so I recommend, at the very least, take a listen below.

At the end of the day, I was deeply satiated. I had thrown myself into this festival with no expectations for greatness. As last year's line-up failed to impress (other than Panda Bear and Warpaint) and I was most likely suffering of dehydration 3 hrs. in, I had nothing else but readiness and extra toilet paper in the bag for this time around. This year, there was still a fair share of mishaps. Sound wasn't perfect in the sauna that they deemed a rat's tent with holes punched in the sides, and folks still had to find the Sacajawea within themselves to locate the water marked with a raindrop--but, in the end--we were all there for the music and the music was there for us, and as I look back on Fuck Yeah Fest 2011, I can find a justification for all of the fumbles and love FYF 2011 unconditionally.

Afton's "Fuck Yeah" Outfit
Tights--The Red Shoes
Shoes--Vintage, Ebay
Bag--Vintage, Liberty
Jewelry--Vintage and JewelMint

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