Friday, May 4, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO. Feats and Treats.

Thar she blows. I won't expound this time around. Mostly because I have already have, here and here. We did visit a couple newbies, however, which I will verbalize about briefly. The Grilled Cheese Kitchen and 21st Amendment Brewery are stellar. Simply stated,we had two sandwiches, devoured all of the crumbs and still wanted more. Located right across the street is the 21st Amendment Brewery, which brews some of the most delightful beers I've ever imbibed. If that doesn't clue you in...this is where we began the imbibing part of the trip. Also new for us was Anchor and Hope. We had two servings of the happy-hour oysters which were impressively affordable, fresh, and delicioso. I would've loved to have dinner there, but there is really only so much food you can stuff your face with in four days time. The last newbie eatery for us was Nopa which is truly as good as everyone says it is. Period. The stand-outs were the Goat Cheese, Kumquat, Arugula, and Crostini Appetizer and the Pork Chop Entree. The appetizer was so simple and yet, so memorable, I'm definitely stealing the recipe for my own Summer Socials. Well, I know it's a bit fragmented and full of food and drink, but in the end, that's how it always crumbles, cookie-wise.
Found an idyllic neighborhood that surrounds a park...just so happens that it's near two delectable eateries. The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen and 21st Amendment Brewery. The latter of which brews one of my all-time favorite libations for Summer time--Hell or High Watermelon Beer.
And were off! at 21st Amendment Brewery.
Next stop...Aphrodisiacs and Delirium at Anchor and Hope.
Wes Anderson Typography.
Party! at the Godspeed You! Black Emperor show.
"Finally." At Swan Oyster Depot.
Tartine "Tart Party" at Dolores Park.
Goat Cheese, Kumquat, Arugula, and Crostini at NOPA.
"EAT" at Gott's Roadside.
Ahi Tacos and Extra Cheese-y Cheesburger at Gott's
American Zoetrope, or as I like to call it, Mecca.
9 Irish Coffees, 2 to-go at The Buena Vista.
Saying farewell at Mission Dolores Park.

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