Wednesday, May 30, 2012


...took the long way home from Monterey, Ca. We charted a course down the 99 that lead us to and through Fresno, Visalia, and landed us--for the night--in Bakersfield at The Padre. I'll say this for it, it's a special place this Bakersfield--wildly so. It's abandoned during the day. Then the sun goes down and all of a sudden, the freaks come out at night. Which we stayed completely away from. We stayed in our room, turned it to TCM, ignored the freaks, and stayed complete geeks. At least until morning. 

After rummaging through all of the antique stores (yes, ALL of them), we had one more stop on the agenda. Bakersfield ain't known for much, but what it is known for (after meth addicts partying on freeway overpasses) is Basque. So basque we did, at the Noriega. 

Oh yeah look at that mug. The copper one.

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