Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I cannot even describe the endless love I had for my Jellies as a wee one. I mean honestly, I had every color and would wear them every day, not unlike the rest of the world at the time. It was 1990 and I can still vividly remember the way my feet would start to sweat and slip around the rubber souls as I played on the playground. So, considering my apparent undying love, this part of the process is really hard for me. Reflecting on the prior effects of nostalgia on my buying habits, I feel quite indecisive about splurging on a pair of contemporary Jellies. Most especially because I specifically remember these being sold at Payless for about $9.99 a pop. Granted my feet were probably half the size they are now...the incredible aspect of this though--the part of me that is leaning towards getting them even if I just longingly look at them in my closet-- is that I really loved my Jellies. So much that I remember a lot more about what it was like to have Jellies than I remember what it was like to not have breasts. I remember them so vividly, what it was to get them, stack them next to each other in my childhood walk-in closet, sweating in them, and finally, just staring at them on my feet. Waxing poetic thoughts in my little six year old brain that has undoubtedly continued in this post. Man, I think I am ready for these Jellies.

**All photos via topshop.com

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