Thursday, August 4, 2011


Don't know why this picture is bleeding... Bummer.

Jesus loves you. Even when I dress down I thought? Red bloodshot eyes from Raging Waters minimize motivations to switch out my outfit and alter glimpsing interpretations of a church sign . Yes I dropped out. I swallowed... a lot of water. I planned more for this post. I planned to wear a gold dress. Plans were beat out by a desire to drink and eat at The Back Abbey and watch Terri. Although, I don't think these turned out half-bad. Turns out chlorine and alcohol make for a creative juice I plan to sip on for at least a month more. Want to join?

"Range-in' Colors" Outfit
Favorite White T-shirt-- Forever 21
Pantalones--Cooperative, Urban Outfitters
Shoes--Ferragamo, Vintage
Beanie-- BF's from the J.CREW

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