Monday, August 29, 2011


Sporadic, unpolished and contrasting--amongst other things. This is what this blog might look like. I will be attempting to record and transcript the upcoming month of audible indulgence that my boyfriend and I have set up for ourselves. I have a lot going on in my head right now. Most of it is conflicting brain chemistry. Endorphins spurred by excitement, adrenaline for the anticipation, and I am slightly overwhelmed with thoughts of planning. Not only am I trying to keep up with the dates, but the outfits and which guests are staying which nights. When they are here, where we'll go eat, what we'll drink and how and where we'll spend the rest of the evening continuing to overindulge and override all of our senses. We start on September 2, with Handsome Furs and FYF on the West Coast. Then conclude the month of audible indulgence heading into October and onto the East Coast with All Tomorrow's Parties presenting I'll Be Your Mirror curated by, wait for it.... PORTISHEAD

This will be a huge moment for me. Other than tooth loss and the song I dance to at my love ceremony (a.k.a. wedding), I have looked to Portishead to back every single important moment in my life. Now, my nostalgic moments will be actualized--2 days in a row! I'm pretty psyched about this. I apologize, I needed a moment, or at least the junior high school-er inside me did. Everything I'll experience this month, other than porter potties, after and in between, if you can imagine, will also be the bees knees. Food, drink, music, Criterion films, Style, and humor--my goal for the SPOILS OF SEPTEMBER posts are to attempt to recreate each of these highly contextual experiences as close to verbatim as any photo or correspondence can get. I want to make you feel as if you've been there with me. Hearing the music, seeing the outfits, hearing the music (again) , standing in lines for beer and or concoctions of sponsored alcohol--and plainly--just fucking rocking out and dancing my ass off to some of the best music of 2011 and beyond, scratch that Buzz Lightyear quote PERIOD. 

This is where I leave you. To mentally prepare, charge camera batteries, wash unders, pick up dry-cleaning and dry-shampoo. Till next time mis amigos...

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