Monday, April 9, 2012


I apologize for my absence. I was completely enthralled in gardening this last week. Yes gardening. Since it's basically Spring, I'm overhauling our backyard and I'm about half-way finished. I've planted the vegetables and fruits (lettuce, chilies, grapes, herbs and tomatoes) and trees (lemon, kumquat, and an Asian citrus) and have taken many a trip to the nursery. It's been a long, physical process, but it is a practice that has been and still continues to be entirely rewarding. Pd and I had an awesome Easter sleepover with a couple of friends this past weekend and we definitely had more than one mimosa/garden moment, so just like that, the hard work is already paying off. Seeing everyone enjoy being out there instantly motivated me. I can't wait to start planting again and set-up the lights for socially charged Summer nights. 

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