Friday, October 7, 2011


I come from the East baring gifts. We really do have a shitload to catch-up on. However, now is not the time. I've barely had time to sort the days. I'm quite lost in a space and time continuum, but, that doesn't mean I'm breaking my promise. I still, will be your mirror to ATP in Asbury Park. For now, I want to leave you with what is occupying my mind in terms of musical inspiration whilst I get all my gifts, i.e. post materials and souvenirs, in order and out of my dangerously HEAVY suitcase. Literally, there are 2 tags hanging off of my suitcase. One that reads "HEAVY" and the other reading "USE WITH CAUTION WHEN LIFTING." What can I say... I brought my A-game. SO, here is what I'm listening to right now on shuffle. Surprisingly, all of it works very well together. NICE music on shuffle right now...


James Blake-"Enough Thunder" EP

EARTH-"Waltz(A Multiplicity of Doors)"

Enjoy, I am.

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