Monday, May 16, 2011

REDWAY Part 2: The Driving Force Of Nature

Our stop at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery--to aid in the calming of our nerves from almost missing the Animal Collective show deadline of 8 pm--is the best decision we made on the four and a half hour drive to Redway. It was a little piece of heaven, especially luminescent after our tasting. The winery was modeled after the Tivoli Gardens, the basis and inspiration of all modern amusement parks like Coney Island and Luna Park. Places of amusement for both adults and children, a place where there are amenities for the entire family. It is a brilliantly simple logic, there is a pool to entertain the kids while the adults enjoy the sipping. Genius, and these kids are planning a trip back for the upcoming sunny season for a "Summer Dip n' Sip,"and by kids I mean me and my guy.

Animal Collective was divine. New songs filled the show's entire set aside from a couple familiar favorites. All original members were present, including Deacon, who I've seen twice for his solo shows, but wholeheartedly feel that he is at his best when playing in Animal Collective. They all feed off of each others electric energy and then transfer that energy to the audience who display no signs of inhibition in their hypnotic dancing. Especially the hypnotized giraffe costumed friend to my right. Music to my ears. Listen to "On a Highway" and "I Think I Can" by Animal Collective.

We would've loved to stay and experience Redway for a longer period of time but had a prior engagement in San Francisco and subsequently were on the road again the very next morning. However, we made several stops including the cities of, Piercy for Confusion Hill, Leggett for the Drive-thru Redwood Tree, and St. Helena for Gott's Roadside. As an added bonus we had enough time to stop and pick up the new Panda Bear solo album and quite frequently stopped to capture shots of all the fabulously nostalgic signage from the mid-century. While many of these signs are still in use, others have sadly fallen into a state of disrepair -- albeit artful in their decay. These signs doted the landscape begging for our photographic attention as they once, or still do, beg for our patronage.

My first run-in with Gott's Roadside, was quite the moment. I was terribly hungover in San Francisco. Too many variations of alcohol at Aub Zam Zam. Beer, Tequila Shots, and Absinthe do not seem to get along well in my intestinal waiting room. As I was saying, I was HUNG OVER, and my boyfriend recommended Gott's Roadside in the Ferry Building. It took all my being to agree to take the F to the Ferry building. The stimuli making the ride more aggravating than usual, the bells, the bumps, and divots in the road, all made me feel like I was being rolled down a rocky mountain in a shopping cart. This time, we arrived at Gott’s Roadside in St. Helena (formerly known by a name I still prefer; Taylor’s Automatic Refresher) and after a hang over curing Cheeseburger, I was a Taylor's/Gott's devotee for life.  Gott's is a prototypical example of roadside Americana combined with a decidedly green and sustainable approach. With a freshness you can actually taste, Gott’s harvest many of their ingredients locally in St. Helena – allowing you to enjoy a delectable Cheeseburger, garlic fries, and milkshake with slightly less guilt than usual.

Camel Coat--Vintage Diane Von Furstenburg
Blouse--Vintage, St. Vincent De Paul Thrift
Navy Trousers-- Vintage, Ebay
Hat--Vintage, American Rag
Brogues--Vintage, Ebay
Belt- Vintage, Ebay

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