Friday, May 6, 2011


   My Mom wearing a mostly secondhand and/or vintage outfit and Uncle (love the shoes and attitude).
 Mi Madre (wearing all vintage, she calls herself the "original" and I, the 2nd edition).
My Auntie Maria ( and her megawatt smile).
My Grandma. Te quero mucho.

I'm looking forward to this Sunday lovelies, for it is Mother's Day, a day reserved, in truth, to show appreciation for your mother. For me, Mother's day is a day that I get to feel like a little girl again, and just get embraced by mi Madre.

A lot of my memories from my childhood take place in shopping malls of the late 80's. It was just me, my mom, and a lot of bad hair. I'm guessing my penchant for clothing (and not for the hairstyles) came from these specific trips, but that's just my subjective hypothesis.

One of my favorite perks about having my Mom is the effect she has on me when I've given in to the evils of stress. Whenever I'm feeling anxious, or when the world seems to be turning in reverse, I go to my Mom and just grab a hold. I have this intense moment of calm and warmth whenever she gives me a hug. Her pheromones instantly provide me with a dose of tranquility. She is the homeopathic reliever of bad juju in my life and for that--and oh-so much more--I want to take this moment to thank all of these women pictured above, who, have taken it upon themselves to be my primary nurturers and role models. Thank you. I am doing my very best to, make you proud, and, to someday repay you for all you have given me. Muchas Gracias!

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